On Deck With Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn Decker announced in a recent May interview on the Late Show that she isn’t modeling any longer due to her success and enjoyment of the acting business. Decker stated to Stephen Colbert that modeling has its “set-backs” and that while one may be refused for lack of competency in the acing business, one is simply judged by popularity in the modeling industry. She stated that there is a lot of “smoke and mirrors” in the industry that gives the audience a tainted view of reality.

Decker has taken steps to evince a more real side of herself, posting pictures in early November on her Instagram a no-makeup, no-filter selfie. With her new one-year-old, Hank Roddick, the public is able to see a more bona fide Brooklyn Decker as she maneuvers through the obstacles of parenting like so many others. She recently tweeted about a miscommunication at the airport where her gate was closed after a mechanical delay prompted Delta to let passengers off for a time then back on, “WHO LETS PASSENGERS OFF, THEN CLOSES THE GATE SHORTLY AFTER?!? *GULPS WINE* MISSES BABY *SOBS*.” She had stepped off to pump milk for her baby only to find that she could not get back on her flight. This situation and the firestorm it created touched on bigger issues of the public breastfeeding taboo in society and the cumbersome process of it all.

Brooklyn Decker posed on May 1st for season two of Grace and Frankie, appearing with co-stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin on the red carpet. On the show she plays Mallory Hanson, the younger daughter of Grace and Robert, who is a married stay-at-home mother with two children. In an interview with BUILD Series published May 24th she stated the second season evinces a “crazier side to her that’s a little bit quirkier” and focuses a bit more on development of her and her sister’s relationship.

With a third season of Grace and Frankie already approved for some time in 2016, Brooklyn Decker will again be seen on screen. For now she is focusing on her family with Andy Roddick and baby Hank Roddick. Modeling is a profession she has left behind her but time will tell if she crosses paths with the industry again. The acting business seems to be her main career concern at the moment. One thing is for sure, however, the public is sure to see more of her in the near future.

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